Carnes Zamora S.A. It is a Costa Rican company dedicated to the process and marketing of pork. He was born in February 1996. Mario Garro Zamora is the president and founder. The name is in honor of Don Mario's grandfather, who was a very honest, straight and hardworking man. His name was Víctor Zamora, generous, very dear in the town, very exemplary and of great values. The company began with the transport of beef carcasses and mainly pork to some butchers in San José, Alajuela and Heredia. The company was growing gradually in marketing.

Carnes Zamora

We are a company that always works with excellence and quality nationally and internationally. For three years we were recognized by Cargill with the "innovation and high performance" award.


Our exports started in Guatemala and then we expanded to Honduras, El Salvador, and throughout Central America. We were the first in Latin America to export pork to the country of Panama.

In 2006, the Chamber of Exporters granted us the “To the export effort” award, the same that was presented by Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez and his ministers.



We have grown and developed. We currently produce our own pigs and for this reason we guarantee excellent product quality. During this tour our values ​​have been reflected as they are: effort, courage, companionship, empathy and the love we put into each of our work.

We are convinced that companies are people. This is our great team of Carnes Zamora S.A.





San José, Costa Rica

Tel.: +506 2509.2300