• Carne picada p/chicharrón
  • Pezuña picada
  • Paleta deshuesada 
  • Pierna deshuesada/posta
  • Chuletón
  • Falda recorte (triming) 80%
  • Pezuña
  • Rabo


Nuestros productos


  • Molida especial de res
  • Carne para mechar
  • Bisteck res especial
  • Costilla picada res
  • Mano de piedra
  • Solomo
  • Punta solomo
  • Bistec BBQ res



  • Bistec de cerdo
  • Chuleta especial 
  • Chuleta económica
  • Costilla troceada
  • Lomo de cerdo
  • Lomito 2 UD
  • St.Louis al vacio
  • Cabeza de costilla
  • Costillas entera

As always, our specialty is pork but we also have beef, chicken and tilapia available. La Ventanita de Jow fits for the needs of entrepreneurs, barbecues or people who want to enjoy the best of meat in the daily diet. For this reason the product can be obtained portioned or in whole pieces.

This is our meat outlet. With the best quality, price and freshness.

Carnes Zamora


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